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Our client list includes homes, car dealers, dentists, lawyers, hospitals, marketing firms, medical offices, insurance companies, restaurants, conventions centers, hotels, foundations, factories, airports, manufacturers, care centers, universities, and more.

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During your free consultation our design specialists will evaluate your space to ensure we select the best plant for the appropriate location. Factors to consider include traffic patterns, light exposure, humidity, temperature, container and plant sizes, textures and colors, access to water and a watering schedule.

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We protect your investment with the Sand Point Living Interiors guaranteed service plan. Our expert service nurtures plants to their healthiest appearance in diverse environments.

With over 100 years of combined experience in personal service and plant care, our horticultural technicians ensure your plants are in pristine health. You purchase the plants and containers and with the guaranteed monthly service agreement, we provide service to keep them clean, lush, and healthy. If a plant languishes or is weakened by disease, we refresh it with a replacement. Through regularly scheduled visits, we help plants live up to their full potential – that means watering, pruning, trimming, dusting, fertilizing and rotating plants so they grow evenly. This proactive service, along with client communication, prioritizes the health of the plants and keeps us ahead of changes in the enviroment.

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To provide the absolute best in Service, Quality, Value, and Education for our team members, clients, and community.


Sand Point Living Interiors started as the benefits of green plants in businesses were first being recognized. Validation of the beauty and science behind 'greening' businesses has continued to grow and Sand Point Living Interiors has led the local indoor plant design and service industry. Mary Peaks, owner, has been in the horticultural industry since 1973. Her knowledge from the ground up has strengthened Sand Point Living Interiors as it has grown. Many charter employees also came from the local nursery industry and over the years have trained others in the science and art of plant maintenance. Today we hire individuals with a wide range of talents including a passion for plants and customer service.


To promote and implement greener environments that will inspire creativity and productivity in all settings. We will strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity for a sustainable future for our team members and clients.


Sand Point Living Interiors is an independent woman-owned business and has brought the warmth, beauty and elegance of tropical plants to interior environments since 1969. Our staff and horticultural technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in personal service and plant care. We design interiorscapes with your professional image, your employees, clients, and plant requirements in mind. Consideration of layout, lighting, traffic patterns and ventilation ensures your free consultation results in a plan that enhances your space. Options such as moss walls, green walls, and rotating seasonal color programs are also available as unique additions for your environment. Our guaranteed service agreements protect your investment by providing regular service visits to care for your plants.

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