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Seasonal Outdoor

Seasonal Outdoor

Refresh the look of your outdoor planters as seasons change! Experience the joy of spring plants, a cascade of summer blooms, the rich hues of autumn, and evergreen plants over the winter. In addition to custom design and installation, we offer a watering and fertilizer service to keep your investment looking good no matter the weather.
Our exterior planter design, installation and maintenance is designed to welcome and inspire customers and colleagues.
• Custom design
• Seasonal rotation
• Maintenance program
• All-weather containers

When choosing plants for your unique space, we take a very custom approach. During your free consultation, our design specialists will evaluate your outdoor space, paying special attention to traffic patterns, light exposure, container and plant sizes, textures, and colors before making recommendations.

Gorgeous plants look even better in gorgeous decorative containers. We can source the latest designs in decorative containers to make your spaces luscious and modern, conservative and reserved, old-world, or even other-worldly. During your free consultation, we’ll help determine your style and provide a selection of decorative container designs to choose from. We have a quick delivery relationship with our container supplier. To browse their offerings, click www.containerguide.com

Since exterior entrances make a first impression, many businesses choose to invest in outdoor planters. Unique, colorful designs welcome both employees and visitors with professionalism and beauty. Available four seasons, with a maintenance program including water and fertilizer, and a close eye on the health of the plants.