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Its almost as if Mother Nature planned it this way.

When it comes to choosing the right plants for your home or office, one size definitely does not fit all. During your free consultation, our design specialists will evaluate your space to ensure we select the best plants for your unique environment. We’ll consider traffic patterns, light exposure, humidity, temperature, container and plant sizes, textures, and colors, access to water and watering schedules before making our final recommendations. To see a sampe of plants we may choose, click here.

Yes, plants produce plenty of oxygen, but they offer lots of other health benefits, too! Numerous studies suggest that the use of plants and natural elements can reduce stress, support pain management efforts and promote an overall sense of well-being. What’s not to love about that?


• Workers in plant-friendly environments miss fewer days of work and experience less job-related stress

• Plants help reduce the level of many common indoor airborne toxins

• Plants enhance creative problem-solving skills among men and women

• When plants are present, employees are more satisfied with their jobs and report fewer ailments

• Plants help reduce noise levels, decrease temperature and regulate humidity

• A view of plants increases positive feelings and reduces stress, fear and anger

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So you don’t have a green thumb? No problem! Protect your investment with the Sand Point Living Interiors Guaranteed Maintenance Plan. Our skilled employees will nurture your plants, helping them thrive in virtually any environment.
With more than 100 years of combined experience in personal service and plant care, our horticultural technicians ensure your plants are in pristine health. You simply purchase the plants and containers and with our guaranteed monthly service agreement, we'll keep them clean, lush, and healthy. If a plant languishes or is weakened by disease, we'll even refresh it with a replacement. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, we help plants live up to their full potential. That means watering, pruning, trimming, dusting, fertilizing and rotating your plants so they grow evenly. This proactive maintenance, in addition to communicating with you, allows us to monitor unexpected changes in the environment and promote the health of your plants.

Gorgeous plants look even better in decorative containers. We can provide the latest designs, complementing virtually any decorating style. During your free consultation, we’ll assess the style of your home or office and provide a selection of decorative containers that would enhance the visual appeal of your space. We have a quick delivery relationship with our container supplier. To browse their offerings, click www.containerguide.com